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While this assessment and associated resources were developed with input from a citywide community of people committed to and experienced in racial equity work, the assessment is based on the experiences and knowledge of the group that helped develop it. It cannot represent all experiences, knowledge, or resources available to organizations on the topic of racial equity, history, power, accountability, money, narrative, policy, etc. It should not be used as the sole piece of an organization’s racial equity work. On its own, a tool is only as good as the commitment of the people who are using it. As the field continues to evolve, as people’s understanding of equity continues to evolve, this tool will need to evolve. This is iterative, imperfect, but necessary and insufficient. Do not use this to make decisions such as whether someone should lose their job or responsibilities after using this assessment. Instead use this to prompt deep, difficult discussions and to take action forward in your organization’s racial equity journey. 


This tool is not for organizations that are at the very beginning of their journey or in need of an “Equity 101” training. All tools and resources compiled by Just Action are available in the Resources section for individuals and groups who are interested in using this tool more informally or independently.

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